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COVID-19 Relief

created on Sun Jul 05 2020





  • The media is flooded with information targeted at adults and their role in curbing the spread of COVID 19 but there is no relatable story through which children can learn about how it affects them.

  • I thought much about children that do not have the privilege of modern media devices and how little they know about why we have all these controls in place.  We are asking them to stop being children with a relatable way of showing them why its important to live a new normal.


      We must understand that the residual affect of COVID 19 has equally impacted lives across
      the globe. Many of our children are present during the stressful adult conversations and as
      we all know children are impressionable .
      There is a new normal for our vulnerable children, who must adjust to unusual behaviors that
      goes against the very essence of being a child. How do you tell a child that they cannot hug
      their friend, that constantly washing their hands is necessary, that wearing a scary face mask
      is to protect them.
      Most children believe in super heroes and mythical creatures , as fairy tails have been told for
      centuries. It captures their imagination and takes them into a new world of exciting
      This is how we help our children learn.
      But why a book?
      Because not all children have access to televisions, internet connections or any form of digital
      devices, especially the poorest of the poor.
      Distributing this book to as many children as possible will help them believe that they too have
      an important role to play in helping prevent the spread of the Corona virus and can be Junior
      Super Heroes too.

  • We must acknowledge that children are dreamers and believe in Santa Clause, Superman, Bat Man, Spiderman, the Black Panther and the likes.  They often mimic the behaviours of these super heroes and do so because they are attracted to the world of fantasy.  When they enjoy something they learn much quicker than a mono-tone lecture that can only hold their attention for a few minutes.

  • By obtaining funding for the printing and national distribution of this book many children will understand the reason why returning to school will never be the same as coming back from their summer or winter holiday.

  • Things are going to be way different and nobody has realised what a culture shock is has on our children.

  • The cost of printing the book will be related to the quantity and is estimated at the following

  • Quantity             Printing Price     Total

  • 10                          R39,00                  R390,00

  • 200                         R38,00                  R7 600,00

  • 300                         R37,00                   R11 100,00

  • 400                         R36,00                   R14 400,00

  • 500-10 000             R25,00                   R12 500,00 - R250 000

  • above 10 000         R20,00                    R 200 000 and above

Distribution will work through NPOs, NGO, Faith Based Organisations and volunteers

Any funding will have a reference COVI 19 and a full disclosure of expenditure and distribution will be posted on my website

      The reason why we need to help our children adjust

  • Because COVID 19 has effected our children and not enough is done to teach them in ways that make them feel part of the solution

    • This goal is to educate our children in a caring relatable way that they can identify with.

    • It matters to me because children matter to me and they are also going through psychological trauma of adjusting to the new norms 

    • Why does it matter to the problem and why should people contribute

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All I am is an individual who was able to rise up from the depths of family violence and work my way through life the best way I know how. I believe that success is fleeting but living a life of significance is about adding value to the lives of others. A little love for a child goes a long way

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Goal: R 250000

0 days left

R91 raised by 1 contributors in 145 days

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