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created on Mon Jul 27 2020


Aztec Mobile

Aztec (Azania Technology) is a start-up company wholely-owned by young, black, ambitious, township entrepreneurs who refuse to accept that we cannot build lasting, giant corporations or simply sit on the fence waiting for government to hand things to us. We aim to be a significant player that seriously disrupts the current foreign-dominated cellphone industry by introducing a retailable series of mobile devices that are not only as aesthetically pleasing but of the same quality and class of current players.

When the lockdown hit us, it showed exactly how vulnerable we are as a country, chiefly because of how we own nothing of our own. The pandemic presented South Africa and us as a team with a unique opportunity to seriously introspect and with the entire world pressing on with the fourth industrial revolution, it was clear to us that Africa could not afford to be left behind, begging for scrpa at the table. From this pondering, Aztec mobile was born and we began extensive research into how we make it a reality and insure that our rands don't all flow to the USA, Europe and China, leaving us impoverished and suffering crime because so much of our population is desparate.

I, Tiro Makhudu and my business partner Kabelo Maseko are deeply passionate about SA and her people. We are acutely aware that becoming a major corporation will take a while but with dedication, we can employ as many people as Huawei or Samsung but more importantly, by taking them on and shaking them to the core, we can be the spark that ignites the spirits of our fellow South Africans to stand and say "YES!! It is possible."

With my experience as a financial advisor, trainer, call centre agent, Sales manager for major insurance, health and banking corporations, I have the skill set necessary to market the business, drive sales and manage processes while my equally capable counterpart, Kabelo Maseko has the technical know-how as well as sales experience to keep us relevant and competitive.

Our problem and a very common one is raising the funding needed. Government interventions have failed to have the desired impact but with partial seed inverstment on our part, we can access the required funding fron the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) and make Aztec Mobile a reality. As such, we need to raise 10% of our total required start-up capital need of R 4 500 000, R 4 000 000 of which is purely for manufacturing our devices. The remaining R 500 000 will go towards operations, storage space, website, office automation etc while the business seeks to break even.

BUT that goal amount is to high. So we are looking for even less. The amount will be used to bring in our flagship prototype, the Aztec HERORO (celebrating one of Southern Africa's most ancient civilization who were almost wiped by war, disease and a genocide in Namibia at the hands of the German's) and to fund the testing and licensing process at ICASA and to ensure that it is certified safe for our people. That amount is R45 000


We require your help to do it and every cent counts. If you can only spare R50, we will cherish you and it and use it to make this African dream come true. If you cannot spare any money, we understand...times are tough. We will appreciate you sharing our campaign and sharing and/liking our facebook page and who knows, you just might share it with a potential investor. So do tap into that Ubuntu and lend a hand if you can...


Campaign Rewards

R 3000


Get our flagship phone for your contribution to the cause...

Ships to: South Africa only

Est. delivery: March-2021

The Team

Tiro is a former financial advisor, salesman, manager, trainer and vehicle sales consultant. He is also a writer who has written for all 3 SABC channels as well as eTV. He is also a (self-published) author. Kabelo is a trainer, manager and salesman currently operating in the mobile device industry.

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Goal: R 45000

0 days left

R871 raised by 3 contributors in 123 days

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