Medical Care for Carla

Type 1 Diabetic in dire need of medical treatment for life-threatening hypoglycemic condition.

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Carla Havemann


Goal: R 15000

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R7140 raised by 10 contributors in 107 days

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created on Wed Aug 19 2020


Medical Care for Carla needs your assistance!


Medical Care for Carla is a fundraiser for Carla Havemann to ensure that she receives the medical care to save her life. Carla is a type 1 Diabetic, diagnosed at the age of 11, with this condition for nearly 14 years.


Recently, she has been experiencing severe hypoglycemic blood glucose levels that resulted in seizures.  This condition has inpacted her ability to work, in addition, she does not have medical aid and her life savings are depleted on emergency services and privately paying for her life saving medication. Public healthcare services, at this point and time, are not within her options due to Covid-19 posing a threat to her well-being.


This condition is a continues threat to her life, battling nearly three episodes daily. She needs urgent medical intervention to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of this hypoglycemic condition.


The fundraising contributions will be utilized for the following:

  • Consultation with:
    • Diabetic Endocrinologist.
    • Dietician.
    • Other possible specialists that may be deemed necessary.
  • Treatments and Diagnostics:
    • Pathology.
    • Medication. 
    • Other treatments/diagnostic procedures ordered by the specialists.


Carla is in desparate need of financial assistence in order to receive medical intervention and save her life. Each donation will be a tremendous help in achieving this goal. 

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The Team

My name is Carla Havemann. I am a freelance Illustrator/2D animator by trade. I live in South Africa, Gauteng I am the face of Medical Care for Carla.

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Goal: R 15000

0 days left

R7140 raised by 10 contributors in 107 days

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