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created on Thu Jul 23 2020


Women Trapped with Perpetrators! Home not safe!

1000Women Trust was started by Wendy Ackerman (PnP) and Tina Thiart in 2003, we hosted our frst 1000 Women event with 1000 Women standing united against domestic violence, rape and abuse. WE have been working hard and over the years have invested R16 Million rand in providing Knowledge, Skills Training and Resources to over 900 Women's groups that provide support to survivors of GBM. This year we were not able to host the fundraising event and the increase in GBV was recorded.  So we STEPPED UP!

Women were trapped in the homes with the perpetrators, the perpetrators had no coping mechnism because tobacco and alchol, going to the Gym or pubs were banned and Women and Children suffered abuse. WE knew it was hard for Women to phone for help or to escape, so we developed a special lingo for Women to communicate and get help! WE SPEAK IN HEARTS!

Our research showed that Women adn Children has no or little access to food and our Support Groups STEPPED UP and we now work with 45 Soup Ktchens that feed 20 000 people a day.! We had to fignt the DSD in court for the rght share our food and to organise soup kithcens and we won! But the WAR on HUNGER is not over! We are looking at sustainability and food security and are introducing gardens.

Covid-19 and Lockdown are very TRAUMATIC, and to support Women and Children we STEPPED  UP and provided training to 261 Women to provide Trauma Support to our communicaties. The Training was conducted on WHATSUP and we are now hoping to provide more Women and a few Good Men access to the Life Coach Training. Our hope is that survivors of GBV will find the support helpful to make better lives for their communities.

Now we ask you to STEP UP, to dig deep and to put your money where your heart is! Invest in our support to our communities. give us hope, help us to STEP up again!


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In 2003 Wendy and Tina Thiart Lauch the 1000 Women 1 Voice initiative with 25 of our friends, to day we work with over 3000 Women Leaders, Many Women who support our events,Over 75000 people who signed our petition WAR on HUNGER!We invite all Women and Good Men to amplify our VOICES!

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Goal: R 100000

25 days left

R693 raised by 2 contributors in 65 days

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