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Safe place for women to go that in a abusive relationships

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created on Sat Aug 08 2020


Love Yourself Project for Gender Base Voilence

As Survivor of an abusive relationship I learn over the past year how to Love Myself  and that I will never settle for less than I ever deserve again . I also started Love Yourself group on facebook where I post daily motivation quotes this help me so much that I relaize that there is alot of people in the world that also benefit from this quotes after I received positive feedback on my group I decided that this is what I need to do . I need to help people that going through the same thing as me .

The problem is that there is a lot of women living with their abusive partners that have no choice as they afraid to leave as they not working they dont have place to go so they will stay in the relationship as method of surviving . As abusive relationship is also very dramatic for children seing there mother and father fight and also sometimes will be abuse in this homes. In this way women and children get killed because they are to assumed to speak out about there abusive relationships and also dont have any other mean to survive. 

With this project and fundraising I would like to creat a safe place where women and children can go and have 24/7 emergency number what they can contact and they can be collected with the police from there properties and bring to this safe place  till the next morning or day till we can find them safe place with family and friend to go stay . We will also help them to find employment  . The place will provide them with food , clothes , and sleeping place to feel safe .

Budget breakdown : Most of the money that will be collected through the fundraising will go toward to purchase house , furniture, food and anything else to set up this safe place for them to stay . 

My Motivation as I explain in the begining I am survivor of six year abusive relationship and I am just one of the lucky ones that made it out and  can  start my life over. I got my motivation after I relaize that there is so many women out there that need this and that I can actually safe lives and give them the oppertunity to start over . 





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My name is Anneke I decided to start this fundraiser after I myself came out of abusive relationship and just love it to be able to help people and see smiles on there faces. As I feel something need to be done about the Gender base violence in our country talking does not help Time for action .

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Goal: R 500000

0 days left

R0 raised by 0 contributors in 111 days

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