Fundraiser Fees

CrowdStarter charges a platform fee based on the main category of your campaign from 3% to 5% on all funds raised by your campaign.


Fees are calculated on the actual money raised and not your campaign goal.


Our payment processor also charges a transaction fee which is charged on the total of each electronic payment made.


Let's break it down further:


Platform Fee


Platform fees are charged on and deducted from each contribution made to your campaign.


Platform fees are as follows based on the main category of your campaign:

  1. Cause and Relief: 3% platform fee

  2. Tech startup: 4% platform fee

  3. Project: 5% platform fee


Transaction Fee


Transaction fees are charged by our payment processor PayFast on each payment made. These fees range from 2 - 4.5%. Learn more about PayFast transaction fees here.


Net Contribution


The net amount contributed to your campaign is as follows:


net contribution = gross contribution - (platform fee + transaction fee) 

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