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It's FREE to set up a fundraiser on CrowdStarter

Flexible payout for all fundraisers. This means you keep all funds raised, even if your campaign doesn't reach it's goal.

Control over your fundraiser

CrowdStarter is the world's first platform that features both donation based and reward based campaigns.

If you're offering rewards to donors and need to keep track of contributions and orders - CrowdStarter provides you with tracking tools for FREE as part of your personal online Campaign Management control panel.

There are no additional costs and set up fees. We only charge you on the funds raised by your campaign.

Goal Estimate

CrowdStarter has two fees, platform fees and transaction fees. Platform fees are charged by Us and transaction fees are charged by the payment processor.

We understand that different fundraisers have different needs and budgets. So CrowdStarter offers three different platform fees depending on the nature of your fundraiser.

Platform fee = 3%

Goal Amount


Average Contribution


To raise R80000, approximately 144 people would need to contribute an average of R600 towards your campaign. Estimate includes transaction fees.

Low fees means you keep more of the money you raise.

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Raise money for You, your business or organisation

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