Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrowdStarter?

CrowdStarter is an innovative crowdfunding platform for people, organisations and companies to raise funds for worthy causes and projects. CrowdStarter provides a safe place for people to contribute to causes and projects that matter to them. We are a community of crowdfunders and backers, taking innovation to the next level.

Are campaigns screened?

Yes! All campaigns are thoroughly screened and campaign owners undergo ID verification. CrowdStarter does not support frivelous campaigns and these are rejected. Innovative and meaningful causes and projects make it to CrowdStarter that are able to meet their campaign promises to the best of their ability.

Do I get equity in the campaigns I support?

No. Your contribution is a way to support a fundraiser that matters to you.

Can I get a refund?

You may request a refund from CrowdStarter until the campaign deadline. Refunds from CrowdStarter are subject to admin fees. Any refunds after the campaign has ended is the responsibility of the campaign owner.

Can I contact the campaign organiser?

Yes you can. Campaign organiser profiles and email addresses are publicaly viewable. You can view a campaign organiser's profile by clicking 'View Profile' on their respective campaign page.

Who is responsible for fulfilling campaign promises?

The campaign owner is solely responsible for fulfilling all campaign promises and rewards.

Is joining CrowdStarter free?

Yes, creating a CrowdStarter account and launching a fundraiser is absolutely free!

Donation vs Reward based campaigns

Donation based crowdfunding is a type of crowdfunding campaign where the person or business (campaign organiser and/or owner) is not expected to give anything in return to the contributing persons. In a donation based crowdfunding campaign the contributing persons (i.e. the “crowd”) contribute to the campaign simply because they want to support the idea or cause. Reward based crowdfunding describes a funding campaign where the individuals contributing money can expect to receive varying levels of “rewards” that correspond to the amount of money they contribute. Typically the “reward” is a product or service that that the particular company or person running/ owning the campaign produces or provides (or some discount to acquire the product/service) and there should be at least three (3) levels of rewards based on the level of contribution. Reward based campaigns are found to perform better.

What is the status of my reward?

Each campaign is run by the individual campaign owner who is solely in charge of distributing any rewards offered. If you have any questions about when they expect to ship your reward, we recommend you get in touch with the campaign owner directly to ask about shipping progress and shipping dates.

Are campaign owners legally obligated to fulfill campaign rewards?

Yes. Campaign owners are legally required to fulfil all reward promises as set-out in their campaign in accrodance with the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa.

Is my contribution displayed publicly?

No. Your privacy is important to us. Your contributions are not displayed publicly. The campaign organiser will be able to see the name used when making a contribution. If you have selected a reward when contributing, your shipping information may be required. Your shipping information is available to the campaign organiser.

How do I know the progress of a campaign?

Campaign organisers are encouraged to post regular updates on news, milestones and events regarding their fundraiser on their campaign page. You are encouraged to regularly check the campaign page for any updates and more than welcome to leave comments.

Can I report a campaign

Yes you can. All campaign pages have a 'Report Campaign' feature that you can use to report the campaign.

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