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Who can start a campaign?

Any person, organisation or business with a South African bank account can start a CrowdStarter campaign.

What do I need to start a campaign?

  • A South African bank account
  • The recipient of the funds must be a South African citezen or an organisation or bussiness registered in South Africa
It is a best practice to have a complete user profile or organisation profile before starting a campaign.

Campaign Categories

There are three main categories on CrowdStarter:

  • Cause & Relief
    • Non-profit fundraisers, such as charities, COVID-19 relief and medical fundraisers, fall in this category.
  • Tech startup
    • Tech based companies younger than 4 years fall in this category.
  • Project
    • Any business, personal project or other project which are for profit purposes and are not Tech startups fall in this catgeory.
There are over 50 sub-categories to choose from when creating your campaign. Each main category has its own set of sub-catgegories to choose from. These are listed when creating your campaign.

Funding Types

CrowdStarter offers Flexible Funding for all fundraisers. Flexible funding means you get to keep the money your campaign raised even if your campaign goal is not met.

How do I choose a funding goal?

The funding goal is amongst the most important consideration of your campaign. It is important to set a realistic goal. A realistic goal shows your potential supporters that you have carefully considered it and adds credibility and autheticity to your campaign. It is recommended that you set a goal to the lowest amount that allows you to make your idea a reality and fullfil your campaign promises and rewards. Try out our Goal Calculator


CrowdStarter charges a platform fee based on the main category of your campaign from 3% to 5% on all funds raised by your campaign. Fees are calculated on the actual money raised and not your campaign goal. Our payment processor also charges a transaction fee which is charged on the total of each electronic payment made. Let's break it down further: Platform Fee Platform fees are charged on and deducted from each contribution made to your campaign. Platform fees are as follows based on the main cetegory of your campaign:

  1. Cause and Relief: 3% platform fee
  2. Tech startup: 4% platform fee
  3. Project: 5% platform fee
Transaction Fee Transaction fees are charged by our payment processor PayFast on each payment made. These fees range from 2 - 4.5%. Learn more about PayFast transaction fees here. Net Contribution The net amount contributed to your campaign is as follows: net contribution = gross contribution - (platform fee + transaction fee)

Choosing your campaign programme: Donation & Reward based campaigns

CrowdStarter is a universal crowdfunding platform providing for both donation based fundraisers and reward based fundraisers. What's the difference? Donation based crowdfunding is a type of crowdfunding campaign where the person or business (campaign organiser and/or owner) is not expected to give anything in return to the contributing persons. In a donation based crowdfunding campaign the contributing persons (i.e. the “crowd”) contribute to the campaign simply because they want to support the idea or cause. Reward based crowdfunding describes a funding campaign where the individuals contributing money can expect to receive varying levels of “rewards” that correspond to the amount of money they contribute. Typically the “reward” is a product or service that that the particular company or person running/ owning the campaign produces or provides (or some discount to acquire the product/service) and there should be at least three (3) levels of rewards based on the level of contribution. How do I choose? Common donation based campaigns are for causes, relief funds, charitable organisations and community projects. Common reward based campaigns are Tech startups, companies, restuarants and similar, retail and design, personal projects and others. Which is best? There is no right or wrong answer. Depending your campaign needs and goals, you should select the programme most appropriate for your campaign.

Campaign Video

A campaign video is not required but including a campaign video dramatically increases the performance of crowdfunding campaigns. But don't stress about creating an oscar winning film.

  • Your campaign video should be between 1 and 3 minutes
  • Express your goals, intentions and motivations of your campaign
  • Crowdfunding is a community, you are apart of it and so are your contributors. Invite them on your journey and provide them with a sneak peak or preview of your project, product or those being helped by your fundraiser
  • Star in your video to show contributors who you are and speak and speak to them on a personal level for added emotional impact and credibility
  • Always end with a concise and clear call to action
Your video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. You must add your video link to your campaign during campaign creation.

Campaign Story

A compelling campaign story shows your seriousness and dedication to your fundraiser and the crowd can see this. Here is a basic blueprint and tips on writing your campaign story.

  • Introduce your campaign
    • Share details about how this campaign started, about yourself, your team and your organisation
  • State the problem
  • State the solution
  • State the impact of your solution and how it solves the problem
  • Specify a budget breakdown - people want to know how their money will be spent
  • Write a motivation
    • Why now?
    • Why this goal?
    • Why does it matter to you or your organisation
    • Why does it matter to the problem and why should people contribute
  • Include links to social media and videos that further show your campaign and progress
  • Avoid long paragraphs by breaking them up with headings and sub-headings
  • Ensure your story's spelling and grammar are correct


Campaign rewards must offer fair value for money to your contributors. A well structured campaign offers at least three rewards based on the value of the contribution. Common rewards include: Free access to a production, a free item at a shop, the product(s) of the campaign, apparel and many more. Offer fair-value rewards relevant to your campaign that will encourage contributors to support your fundraiser. Prohibited Reward Offerings

  • Equity
  • Financial incentives
  • Discounts and competitions
  • Any form of gambling
  • Buy or develop real esate
  • Offensive material
  • Political material of any form
  • Tobacco, drugs, and drug paraphernalia; or nutritional supplements.
  • Any weapon or weapon accessory
  • Cosmetic or medical care products
Delivery Costs You are responsible for all costs involving the development, manufacturing, procurement, distribution and delivery-to-contributors. These should be considered when setting your campaign goal and reward contribution amount. You are legally required to fullfil all reward promises as set-out in your campaign in accrodance with the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa.


Campaign funds are paid out 7-14 business days after the deadline date of the campaign.


Contributors are within their rights to request a refund from CrowdStarter on funds contributed before a campaign ends. Refunds, including all additional fees, shall be deducted from the funds raised by the campaign. Contributors may request refunds after the campaign has ended. The owner of the campaign is responsible for all refunds after the campaign has ended.


CrowdStarter does not offer any tax advice. For more information visit SARS.

Launching Your Campaign

Once your campaign has been submitted and accepted, it is ready to go LIVE! Launching your campaign is as simple as clicking a button, because that's all it takes! Launching your campaign is done via your Dashboard and is activated immediately. Once your campaign is live, you cannot edit, remove, delete or hide it. The deadline of your campaign is determined from the moment of launch. Your campaign will be able to receive funds until its deadline date, unless other arrangements have been made between you and CrowdStarter to extend the campaign's deadline.

How to make my campaign succeed?

Promote your campaign The success of your campaign depends on your ability to promote your campaign as widely as possible. Popular marketing activities include email blasts, website promotion, social media posts, flyers, and links in your staff email signature files. Network in your community to spread the word. CrowdStarter makes sharing easy for you and the public by integrating automatically generated social media posts for your campaign that you can share with the click of a button on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and via your own campaign share link which you can use to spread the word in other ways. Enage with your contributors Engaging with your audience is an important aspect of any CrowdStarter campaign. Keep your contrubtors updated on any news, events and progress related to your campaign by posting updates regularly. You can post an update for your campaign from your Dashboard or Campaign Management Console. You can include links to social media posts and videos in your updates to show your contributors what's been going on. Deliver on campaign promises Deliver on your campaign promises and rewards. Simple as that. This simple actions builds trust and loyalty and can grow your campaign to unimaginable success.

Be Honest

Honesty is a great commodity when corwdfunding. Be truthful and realistic when creating your campaign. Scams will not be tolerated. Dishonest campaigns will be removed, and legal consequences will follow.


It is the responsibility of the campaign owner to fullfil all campaign promises and rewards.

My campaign has ended. What do I do now?

Sit back and relax with a job well-done. We'll take it from here. The following will happen in order:

  1. Contributions to your campaign will be double-checked, finalised and consolodated.
  2. You will be contacted by a representative of CrowdStarter to verify your details.
  3. Payment will be automatically paid out to your campaign's funds recipient.
Payout takes approximately 7-14 bussiness days from the deadline date of your campaaign. If you experience any issues regarding payouts, contact us immediately on

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